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Stages «danse et spiritualité»

Courses « Dance and Spirituality »

In regard to the specific work of movement and dance in relation with our higher selves and universal consciousness I have designed special courses for students with sufficient body awareness. Dance here is performed as a practice and a ritual. Going back to the original meaning of dance, this approach also puts us in touch with vibratory and energetic levels, and with some “transcendental powers ». I direct and channel our practices according to the body’s various energy centres. I will give an example of a ritual for each centre as an example (…)


Using a spiritual approach to body and dance, I am not trying to create a new religion or another sect, but rather to induce a spiritual integration process in the body in the manner of “Talking with Angels”- my favourite book for a long time. In my work, I have been passionately interested in removing all local or dogmatic aspects of religious expression, focusing only on the universal truth within, so that the dancer’s body rediscovers its function is a link between cosmic and earth energies - somehow like the Whirling Dervishes transforming cosmic energies into love and giving them back to the earth, like a transformer conducting electricity.

The book "La danse Biodynamique"
Spiral of Life
In the tradition of biodynamic psychology(*), Rafael Baile tells us the fantastic adventure of Biodynamic Dance through his own (...)
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