Biodynamic Dance (meaning : in the move of life) is an approach to dance focusing on the energetic dimension of movement. Movement is expressed through inner feeling rather than outward or artificial form.

Much more than in the case of spontaneous improvisation, this approach requires the integration of the three dimensions of being: body, heart and mind. Thus movement takes meaning and density. Through dancing beauty becomes the ultimate truth.

Based on the “organic” laws of movement, this “natural” approach to dancing helps repair old deficiencies in the body structure as well as reveal our creativity (in dance and life alike).

This work is aimed at those who are looking for a truth founded in the body. It doesn’t require any specific abilities. Dance being first and foremost the consciousness of one’s own body before any considerations about technique.


Biodynamic Dance directly springs from Reichian theories showing the correspondence between psychic repression and the repressed body. Not only can it regenerate and detoxify the body down to the cell and nucleus level (see the orgonomic or regenerating movement) in order to activate the original pulsation which regenerates life drive, it also helps repair deficiencies in the body structure through an organic approach based on the different stages of ontogenesis (see the movement of the foetus, of birth, of the evolution of species…) Moreover, by restructuring a strong-enough and self-containing-enough ego, it triggers a powerful process that gradually enables us to meet up again with the integrity of our “primary personality”, the key our unified being.

Expression and creation

A synthesis of the great body-oriented disciplines integrating the fundamental laws of movement, Biodynamic Dance aims at liberating the body from all artificial technical strains by restoring its natural psychomotricity which we refer to as “the feline body”.
By mastering the grounding and placement of one’s body, by achieving free flow of the spine and a correct repositioning of the centre of gravity (like a cat), the dancer is able to express his/her creativity in the now, using his/her feelings and the movement’s inner impulse to manifest an outward sequence of movements, however unbalanced or twisted his or her body may be.


These different aspects of Movement and Biodynamic Dance can be explored through :
– Workshops (5 hours – afternoon or evening) : Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Valence…
– Courses in France and abroad : therapy, creation, development of a spiritual consciousness of the body.
– Training to qualify as a Movement and Biodynamic Dance Practitioner
All activities are supervised by Rafael Baile, professional dancer, body psychotherapist and creator of this method.

Bibliography : La danse biodynamique – Spirale de vie, (Biodynamic Dance, Spiral of Life) éditions Le Souffle d’Or (Publisher : Le Souffle d’Or)